• 2017 First year of Foundation Degree

  • ​2016 Extended Diploma in Photography 

  • 2015 Diploma in Photography 

  • 2014 Image published in Photoplus Magazine

  • 2013 Winner of Photo Art Peoples Choice Award

  • 2012 Winner of Photoplus Magazine Food Photography

  • 2012 Social media ad with Baileys U.K, D.E and I.T. ​

In 2012 I got my first DSLR camera, a Canon 550D. It was so different from the cameras I had previously used and a massive learning curve, so I took to the internet and taught myself to use it properly. 

In 2014 I decided that the internet wasn't enough for the things I wanted to know and learn about, so I enrolled at Mid-Cheshire College on the 2 year Extended Diploma Course where I finished in 2016 with the grade D*D*D*. 

At the end of the Diploma, I knew that I could push myself further and better my photography so I secured a place on the Photography Foundation Degree course at Mid-Cheshire/Chester University, where I started in September 2016 and plan to finish in May 2018.   

About Me

I was 5 when I was given my first film camera, since then I haven’t been without one, I've gone from 35mm film to compact digital, to bridge to DSLR. Photography is my passion and something that I always strive to learn more about.

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